The old Savoy Theater on Calle Loiza is a unique property to continue LAS50, our outdoor art gallery project.

Currently maintained in great condition and used for business and warehousing, it features large and segmented walls on the sides and a broad face, perfect for creating individual but coordinated pieces of outdoor art.

Acapulco Taqueria and LAS50 are teaming up to produce a major work and help the neighborhood transition to a cleaner, safer more aesthetic corner to live, work and visit.

The overall concept with this property is to produce an evolving gallery where art will be integrated under a similar illustrative style but be regularly updated by both local and visiting artists. Some pieces may remain for years, others for months under the direction of elegel group, a local artist management and gallery business.

In addition to the art, the owners of the property and Acapulco Taqueria have pledged to provide lighting for the art which will brighten this sometimes dark and quiet corner and attract positive attention during the nighttime. As vandalism graffiti has been proven to be reduced when professional murals (and lighting) are introduced to a property the undesirable urban scrawl will be cleaned up creating a more pleasing aesthetic for this corner of Calle Loiza, home to a growing restaurant and shopping community.




ISMO, with his roots in graffiti is one of the few urban contemporary artists today that has completely transcended the graffiti genre. While multi-disciplined, ISMO is internationally known for his two distinct styles, the graffiti born ISMO "toaster" syle and his original chrome pieces. This corner of the savoy theater had more than once, an ISMO toaster on it so we thought it natural to make this ISMO's wall to do as he pleased. It's his 'hood and he brought his game to the party and threw down a yellow paint roller toaster and suggested he might come back and up his game even further. Seguimos Tostando....gracias Vecino!


Hailing from up the street, this urban abstract artist has more pieces in this 20 square block area than any of the other guys. You'll have to wander up to the Baldorioty to find them but the quiet and humble artist might take you himself if you ask nicely or buy him a couple Medallas. Normally known for his vibrant color play and sharp linework, he chose to go with muted tones and high contrast to make his point. 


With his iconic bird image well known in Santurce and his Paradise Studies series depicting scenic waterfronts within the bird, FISU brought his A Game to this project. Alongside his local artist peers he stepped up producing an amazing sunset that people will talk about for a long time. While beautiful in photos, you have to see this piece up close. Check it.


SON, one of San Juan's most respected graff and street artists and key member of the iconic artists coalition, COROGRAFICO, brought his epic fantasy illustrative style to the old Savoy. His alien astronaut watches over the street and reminds troublemakers that they're being watched. 


Super professional and original AF, PR's very own SKE threw down his piece with determination and graced this project with his OG presence and style. Super impressed and grateful for his participation and representation on the Calle Loiza and with LAS50. Amazing SKE!


We’ve known known Luis for a couple years now and he's a very unique and interesting artist. He straddles the contemporary and urban genres and produces pieces for Condado homes and Tribeca lofts. They invoke classical painting but in a very modern aesthetic. His pieces are made by painting, drawing and a collage of advertising banners and pages cut from magazines and other printed works. He recently did pieces for Humacao Grita, Santurce es ley, and Color y Vida. His process is so different and if you look at the pics you'll see why. It's super interesting and refreshing.


Hailing from NYC and delivering that OG, old school vibe, Huetek is in a portrait phase, painting people he knows or in the case of his recent piece for the Bushwick Collective, Lord Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf from Ghostbusters. HUETEK pulled up for a few hours attacking the short wall with his girl and letters getting the people in the streets to notice. He’ll be back but for now check his piece on the Savoy Wall.


At the right moment in time we will paint the front wall of the Savoy with something that both creates a focal point for BOCCA and SHIBU and the restaurant across the street and something that complements and blends naturally with the facade of the Savoy. Stay tuned.