Using popular art to transform the street and drive business to the Calle Loiza.

We’re doing something on the Calle Loiza that we think is pretty important.

We’re helping transform the street in a way that it makes the neighborhood visually interesting and entertaining. In most cases, taking something that’s dirty and unattractive and making it into something that people want to see.

By having popular artists paint the security gates, some facades and available walls, we can turn the Calle Loiza into an outdoor art gallery and special home and destination.

Modeled after the 100 GATES (100Gates.nyc) program in NYC, Las50 is planned for the Calle Loiza. In addition to the artworks we plan to create an online walking tour and mural and business destination map for participants.

The first two murals were painted on the security gate of the new Pinky’s and the wall of VitaSport. FISU and DONRIMX, both internationally respected artists, completed works of significance that are space transforming. In the case of VitaSport the difference of the effort on the corner is dramatic.

The third mural, painted on the Ferretería Madrid, a long standing anchor of the Calle Loiza business community, is a tribute to New York’s 100 Gates. ACTY, one of Puerto Rico’s most revered street artists painted “CALLE LOIZA” and his IROKY character on the double wide gates much like the “NEW YORK” gate was painted on the Lower East Side. Other pieces are being planned now.

Producing those artworks was an effort accomplished by the business owners, artists and partners. The results of producing the pieces are new friends, beautiful spaces and the birth of the Las50.

The result will be a destination street, attractive to locals and visitors. It’s a grassroots community program with many important results.

We’re speaking with a few appropriate and potential partners to join the effort to make it bigger and better. The program is being managed by Elegel Gallery and partners. We can be reached at 787.502.6456, slang@elegel.com or through Instagram @_elegel_.